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Jay Chou - Where Is Our Promised Happiness


MP3: Jay_Chou_-_Where_Is_Our_Promised_Happiness.mp3

Sheet Music: Jay_Chou_-_Where_Is_Our_Promised_Happiness.pdf

This song is off the Capricorn album:

I had this song mostly figured out a while ago, and then I hit the part where it changes key and that was enough to discourage me for….months…lol

Anyways, it’s done now!  Hope you like it….and sorry again for not posting as much content as I used to.  It really is a lot of work, you know.

This song was requested by LuckyMonkey, gio, Krista Lin, and 2013redsox

The performance itself is OK.  There are a few minor/medium mistakes, and one really BIG edit right where the key change is …. but of all the takes this one was the best played, regardless of the technical errors.

Anyways, I hope you all like it….the performance and the sheets.

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Jay Chou - Fragrant Rice


MP3: Jay_Chou_-_Fragrant_Rice.mp3

Sheet Music: Jay_Chou_-_Fragrant_Rice.pdf

This song is off the Capricorn album:

First post in a very long time!

This song is the first single off the new Jay album Capricorn, and has been requested by a couple people, including wenge and  Matt Chang.

Mainly though, I really like this song!  It’s the first time I’d have a single single song playing on repeat in a while.  Even though I don’t understand taiwanese, the vibe is so reassuring.

Anyways, hope you all like it :)

In other news, it will be sheetmusicguy’s 1 year anniversary in just under 2 weeks!  Don’t believe a year has gone by already!

Haaappy biiirtthhdaaayy tooo meeeeee…..


Jay Chou - Secret - Time Travel Theme


MP3: Jay_Chou_-_Secret_-_Time_Travel_Theme_(

Sheetmusic: Jay_Chou_-_ Secret_(Time_Travel_Theme).zip

This is taken from the “Secret” movie:

Due to overwhelming demand, I’ve bashed out a version of the Time Travel song from Jay Chou’s Secret movie.

This video actually worked out really well, but that’s really only because there’s an edit about every 10 I’m not actually this good, consistently.

Still, a fun video to watch!

Thanks again to Tangerina for sending me these sheets! Even though you saved me a tonne of time figuring this out and making my own sheets for it, it still took me a month to learn and practice.



Jay Chou - Secret - Piano Battle & Duet

Video: Nope.

MP3: Nah-ah.

Sheetmusic: ok fine, I guess I have to give you something.

These are all taken from the “Secret” movie:

Thanks very very much to Tangerina for sending these off to me, and to Sarah for also telling me where to get them.

I know a lot of you have been looking for these, and although I’m not up to playing them, I’m always up for sharing.



Jay Chou - Stranded Vs Maple


MP3: Jay_Chou_-_Stranded_Vs_Maple_(

Sheet Music:

“Stranded” is taken from his “Qi Li Xiang” album.  “Maple” is from “November’s Chopin”

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Jay Chou - The Longest Movie (最長的電影)


MP3: Jay_Chou_-_The_Longest_Movie_(

Sheet Music: Jay_Chou_-_The_Longest_Movie.pdf

This is the last track off the Jay album “On The Run”:


Jay Chou - Piano MegaMix (Vol 2)


MP3: Jay_Chou_-_Megamix_Vol2_(

Sheet Music: Jay_Chou_-_Megamix_Vol_2.pdf

Here’s the much-hyped Volume 2 of the Jay Chou medley series, picking up hits from his later years.

The songs included here, in no particular order:

Listen to your Mother’s Words (Ting Ma Ma De Hua), from his Still Fantasy album
Orange Jasmine (Qi Li Xiang) 七里香 from the Qi Li Xiang album
Rainbow (Cai Hong), from the On the Run album
Will Liu - Rainbow Heaven (劉耕宏 - 彩虹天堂), which qualifies as it was written by (and sounds exactly like) Jay Chou.

Except for one performance-related edit I was forced to make (and that the fade from a red shirt to an orange shirt looks identical) I’m very very happy with how this one turned out. Enjoy!


Will Liu - Rainbow Heaven / 劉耕宏 - 彩虹天堂


MP3: Will_Liu_-_Rainbow_Heaven_(

Sheet Music: Will_Liu_-_Rainbow_Heaven.pdf

This is arguable the best unedited performance so far……probably because it’s only really half the song lol. It’s part of Vol 2 of the upcoming Jay Chou Megamix series…..a “taste of things to come” if you will. Enjoy!


Jay Chou - Sunshine Boy / Sunny Otaku (陽光宅男)


MP3: Jay_Chou_-_Sunny_Otaku_(

Sheet Music: Jay_Chou_-_Sunny_Otaku.pdf

This track is off the Jay album “On The Run”:


Jay Chou - Tornado

As mentioned in a recent post, I went back and started breaking down the Jay Chou - MegaMix Vol 1 into individual sheets music for each song. Just like how I said I wouldn’t. =S

Here’s the first bonus track:

Sheet Music: Jay Chou - Tornado.pdf

This is arguably Jay’s most famous song, off his debut Jay Album


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