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Jay Chou - Piano MegaMix (Vol 1)


Sheet Music: Jay_Chou_-_Megamix_Vol_1.pdf

MP3: Jay Chou - MegaMix - Vol 1 (

Here’s a medley I’ve created of early Jay Chou hits, from his first 4 albums. I figure this is easier than banging out each one individually, and I think it’s pretty cool how easily the songs blend together, although it is a wee bit longer than I would’ve liked.

Please let me know what you think….if it’s cool cuz it keeps changing, or if it drags because it’s too long. I’ll follow up with a medley of his later works if this format turns out to be successful, or I’ll break this video down and repost the individual songs.

Anyways, the songs included here, in no particular order:

Black Humour - 黑色幽默 : From the Jay Album
Cliff Of Love - 愛情懸崖: From the Ye Hui Mei album
In The Name Of The Father - 以父之名: Also from the Ye Hui Mei album
Silence - 安靜: From the Fantasy album
and of course,
Tornado - 龍捲風 : Also from the self-titled Jay Album

I’ve posted the sheet music for the entire medley, but I don’t have any plans to post sheets for each individual piece, unless somebody requests one specifically or I re-post the songs individually.

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